Answering the question ‘’What to do today?’


This Repentigny's organization has for mission to promote the charms and events of the city. Our web agency was mandated to design a website that shows a completely manageable event calendar that can be personalized, also for a directory that would regroup all the touristic site to visit.

This platform allows managers to freely enter events and to assign them with a category, to add sub-sections, filters and also a time slot that will make the events appear in the calendar (or not) depending on the date their happening. Each event owns its photos gallery, its links, and contacts info.

  • Event calendar
  • Businesses directory
  • Search engine
  • Interactive map








Client's goal

  • Offering to people from Repentigny and their tourists a friendly platform that would help them answer the question ‘’ What to do today?.’’
  • Highlight Repentigny’s charms.
  • Introduce a complete database for all events related to the city.
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