Personalizing your graduation's ring


Graduor is the largest personalized ring manufacturer in North America. Their services are requested for the creation of the rings of the biggest sports championships of almost all the graduation rings of the province.

Graduor commissioned Chameleon to design a new website allowing users to personalize their graduation or championship rings directly on screen and easily order them online.

The management system of its online store makes it possible to quickly adjust the prices of the rings according to the fluctuation of the prices of the raw materials (precious stones and precious metals).

  • Online Store
  • Inventory management system
  • Deliveries management system
  • Orders geolocation








Client's goal

  • Create an online store that is secure and allows customers to custom their ring.
  • Make time-consuming tasks and recurrent prices changes, orders and deliveries management an automatic system.
  • Improve SEO within the web search engines.
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