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Website Design & Website Development Services for SMEs

Corporate Websites Design and E-commerce Development Services of Chameleon Web Agency

Chameleon Web Agency has work on hundreds of projects of showcase websites, corporate websites and transactionnal websites projects for companies of all industries across Canada :

  • Consultants and professionals
  • Retail businesses
  • Service companies
  • Construction companies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Manufacturers & distributors
  • Government institutions.

Chameleon also specialize in transactional websites of all kinds. Our projects varies from the simplest ecommerce and online shopping sites to the most complex subscription platforms.

Our developers can integrate almost all payment system and design custom solutions to enable automated recurring payments on credit card and even pre-authorized debit payments directly within your website.

Spectacular Website Design Visual  

Our website design projects are completly unique. We don't use any popular themes or pre-made templates.

Our experience has allowed us to develop a hybrid waterfall design process guaranteeing our customers complete satisfaction. Through a sequence of several proposals, approvals and quality controls iterations, we ensure the artistic and visual dimension of your website is align with your company's branding, culture and values.

Our web designers team masters UX and UI techniques to optimize website conversions. Depending on the case, we can present a company to appear international in scope or to convey a sense of competence and professionalism. If the market is more local, the website will give off an impression of proximity. If this one is younger, we'll give the website a laid back image.

Everything is possible with the creation of a tailor-made website!

Website Design for self-managed, flexible, robust and secure websites 

Being the creators behind every line of code on a website has many benefits. The first being unlimited flexibility to make any changes or improvements to the website.

This flexibility gives us the possibility of adding options or creating functionalities without having to redo a new website each time because it was not planned in the theme selected at the start. Our projects are scalable and can be remodeled endlessly without suffering from the restrictions of a pre-made jig.

Our architecture is robust and our websites are unlikely to break with every general update. Repair costs and maintenance costs saved can be invested in a profitable online advertising project or in a long-term SEO strategy, much better solutions for your ROI.

An SSL security certificate allowing the digital encryption of all incoming and outgoing data is installed on each of our websites. Our web hosting servers comply with the highest security standards in the world in the protection of data and facilities.

If your profession is subject to professional secrecy (accountants, lawyers, notaries, doctors, etc.), take the necessary measures to keep communications with your clients secure!

Mobile-First Websites Design Services 

Depending on the case, we recommend the mobile-first method for the design of websites that receive a greater number of visitors using a mobile device than visitors using a computer. This method consists of offering an optimized browsing experience for each user, taking into account the context in which they find themselves at the time of their visit.

Someone using a mobile device to access a restaurant's website is likely in their car, perhaps even en route to the establishment, looking for the address, hours of operation, or phone number to make a reservation. We therefore ensure that he quickly finds what he is looking for where he expects to find it.

Anyone visiting the same website on a computer may be discovering the menu, atmosphere or events of the restaurant. We try to impress him, influence his decision or lure him into the restaurant by other means.

The mobile-first method allows us to implement the best strategy for each situation without the restrictions of a pre-made template.

Ultra-fast web designing 

We master AMP technology: the ultimate in internet speed. It is a method of designing static content for quick, even instantaneous display of web pages. We can implement this technology in any type of website and give our customers a valuable advantage over their competitors with Google.

Indeed, the speed of a website is one of the most important variables used by the Google algorithm to determine its positioning in search engines. It has also been shown that each additional second of waiting while a website is loading reduces its conversion rate by 7%.

Don't wait to be the fastest!

SEO Friendly Websites  

Our web agency does not hesitate to guarantee our technical SEO work by contract when you create your website, at no additional cost. For us, it's just about doing our job well.

The website's programming code is the only thing Google's crawler can see. It is the work of this robot that will largely determine your position in the search engines. The quality of the code and the architecture of the programming of a website must be impeccable in every way to ensure optimal indexing.

For this reason, all our internet projects comply with the W3C standards which govern the design of websites throughout the world. Our integrators and developers respect the highest programming standards in the world.

Let's talk about your project!

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