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Development and integration of Intranet CRM, POS and PWA

Intranet Web Application Development

We create user-friendly, password-protected user interfaces for customer, member, employee or other areas. These secure Intranet-type zones include functions programmed to measure according to the specific needs of each company.

Although most of these features are unique, some functions come up regularly in requests from our customers. These include managing subscriptions, processing recurring orders and transactions, accessing billing history, and transferring large files.

Some more complex functions require us to calculate delivery routes, filter real-time databases or even integrate financial algorithms. The combination and interdependence of many of these features is the real challenge here, and it's a challenge we've been successfully meeting for over 15 years.

Integration of websites with accounting software, CRM or POS

We can program any official payment platforms and can integrate not only credit card payments, but also pre-authorized debit and cryptocurrency payments.

We connect our customer's websites through a gateway, linking them with accounting software, CRM and POS. This allows to showcase in their online boutique, the products of their inventory that is updated in real time.

Businesses that entrust us with their digital implementation appreciate the concrete save of time and energy. By integrating tools that fit exactly into each business's reality, you can see the difference when assessing if the digital strategy was successful or not.

Customized development of registration form and appointment scheduling system

We prefer going for a user-oriented, multi-step registration design. A simple and fluent registration form helps visitors to go through the whole process and this directly affects the conversion rate of the website. Our designers master UX and UI techniques, which leads visitors to become prospects or customers.

We also design custom made appointment scheduling systems. These allow managing the time slots and the availabilities in real time. Our solutions save manpower and improve user experience, that's our promise to business who entrusted us to design their website.

Among our achievements, you will also find numerous inventory management systems, geolocation systems, and delivery management systems.

Developing Web Applications in Hybrid Waterfall Mode

If you are developing a complex web application, our project managers will introduce you to the Hybrid Waterfall mode. This development method makes possible to figure malfunctions and make adjustments at any time during the conception.

Accompanied by the customer, we test each feature after it's programmed. That technique reduces the possibilities of glitches and the frustration that can be caused by any bad surprises or misunderstandings about the expected result.

Customer cooperation is crucial for every step of the designing process of a complex web app. We always make sure that we fully satisfy businesses that trust us.

Development of PWA Progressive Web Applications

Heard of PWA (Progressive Web Application)? It's all about using the benefits of a mobile app has, without the hassle. Imagine the logo of your mobile application appearing on the home screen of your customers' mobile phones, even without'em having to download it via App Store or Google Play.

Your app can use the basic features of the device such as a GPS or camera. It can also display notifications directly on the screen.

The development of a PWA represents only a fraction of the cost of creating a traditional mobile app which has to be programmed for Android and iOS, each time. A PWA is also lighter and can be indexed in Google search results.

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