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Looking for a Bilingual Web Agency? Do not make a decision before having meeting us. 

If you are looking for an established Web dev team to design a website, create a Web application or for your Web marketing needs, we can definitely meet your demands and surely, exceed your expectations.

However, if you want to partner with a team that share your values, that thrives on technologic challenges and use a fundamentally different, efficient approach, then you do not want to make a decision before having meeting us!

Who are we?

Simplification and transparency; that is our DNA! 

Discover our great team!

Here, you won't find any WordPress, Magento or Wix template to limit your creativity. We don't use any prebuilt platform or CMS that holds back your SEO strategy and compromise the security of your Website. Everything is custom made and we make sure all our projects are technically perfect.

Since 2002, Caméléon Média designs custom bilingual Websites, without using "one-size-fit-all" themes and templates. Built entirely from scratch, your Website will be visually spectacular but also fast, flexible, robust and it will place better in Google search results than the the one of your competitors that use prebuilt platforms.

We are longtime professionals in responsive Web design, for mobiles and tablets. With us, you can easily manage and edit your Website yourself, thanks to our Content Management System tailored exactly to your needs. We aim for the highest standards in the world in terms of quality and all our Websites follows international W3C compliance guinelines (World Wide Web Consortium).

We have created a reassuring and easy Web design process to ensure perfect transparency and comprehension for our clients. We'd be pleased to introduce it to you.

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