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As a web agency, the question of web marketing mostly follows the design of a new website. Whether you're talking about paid search, organic SEO or web advertising, it's always about getting the right people to look at your services or products.

Our web marketing team relies on transparency and education to provide businesses with a positive experience and results. Those are values that represent us, this is why they are always with us, through an exclusive partnership. We are one of the few teams to bill based on the work that was actually done. Most of the digital marketing agencies set an arbitrary management's fees that can't often be justified.

Our web marketing team are Google Partner Premier certified: that is the highest level of expertise in the world, reached by only 3% of the agencies on the planet. Each of our members has received Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Facebook Ads certifications.

PPC campaign management and SEM search engine marketing

Our web marketing team is recognized for their expertise across North America as for the purchase of keywords on Google AdWords and Bing. Major Canadian and America brands are trusting them to manage their bilingual campaigns, which are properly designed to respect the best practices required by the search engines.

The expertise that we possess in this area translates into a lower cost per click than the industry average and a rapid improvement in cost per conversion. As for the web marketing area, nothing is better made anywhere in the world.

PPC Campaign Management and SMM Social Media Marketing

All social media offers some form of advertising, which companies can buy to reach their customers. Some of these social media, such as Facebook, can target customers extremely precisely, to whom it is possible to present advertising models adapted to their context.

Our Web marketing team creates powerful campaigns, presents them to the relevant audiences and manages advertising models according to the clientele to obtain exceptional results.

CRO and Website conversion rate’s optimization

In web marketing, the conversion rate is the only data that really matters. It represents the percentage of visitors to a website who become prospects or customers. From this data, a company can calculate the return on investment of each of its dollars, spent on web development and web marketing.

Through meticulous a / b testing and on-page optimization, our team determines month-by-month what needs to be done to improve the conversion rate of a website. Innovations in the world of web marketing, competitor initiatives, the arrival of new players in the market and changes in customer behavior, forces companies to remain vigilant in order to maintain their achievement.

Our advanced understanding of the behavioral habits of visitors is a great asset for companies wishing to push their results to another level.

SEO optimization and natural On page referencing

Working on the content and improving the presentation of your website can optimize the natural On page referencing of it. We define the most searched keywords in the company’s business domain and position strategically these keywords on their website. We attach great importance to the creation of texts that are relevant and enjoyable to read, knowing that search engines evaluate the time spent by each visitor on each page of a website.

Our web marketing team writes SEO-optimized content On page and lead customers to the best ways to compose texts that will have the utmost positive impact on visitors and meet demands of search engines.

SEO optimization and Off-page natural's referencing

Increasing its popularity through the creation of inbound links, sharing on social media and purchasing advertisement can improve the SEO "off page" of a website. By working on SEO optimization "off page", we reach the reputation of the site on the Internet and also the external signals that Google perceives in a way to affect the results of his search engine.

In addition to maintaining a relevant social media presence, guest content creation on popular blogs is used as an effective strategy to increase visibility. Registering a website on major directories also sends positive signals to Google about the quality of a website.

We also offer coaching on best practices for each social media and will help to create great publications and content that will quickly produce results.

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