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Increase your website visibility to acquire new customers. Harness the potential of the Web and increase sales and accelerate your growth.

PPC campaign management and SEM search engine marketing

The creation of successful PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns on search engines, mainly Google, is a specialty in itself. Business area, budget, company awareness, and website quality are all variables that need to be considered in building a good campaign.

PPC Campaign Management and SMM Social Media Marketing

All social media offers some form of advertising that businesses can purchase to reach their customer base. Some of these social media, such as Facebook, make it possible to target extremely precisely the clienteles to whom it is possible to present advertising models adapted to their context.

CRO and Website conversion rate’s optimization

In web marketing, the conversion rate is a data that really matters. It represents the percentage of website visitors who become prospects or customers. It is from this data that a company can calculate the return on investment of each of its dollars spent on web development and web marketing.

Through meticulous a/b testing and on-page optimization, a web marketing team can determine month-by-month what steps to take to improve a website's conversion rate. New developments in the world of Web marketing, initiatives by competitors, the arrival of new players in the market and changes in customer behavior force companies to remain vigilant in order to maintain their gains.

SEO optimization "On-Page SEO"

Working on the content and improving the presentation of your website can optimize its "on page" natural referencing. We define the most searched keywords in the business field of the company and we position these keywords strategically on its website. We attach great importance to the creation of relevant and pleasant to read texts knowing that search engines evaluate the time spent by each visitor on each page of a website.

SEO optimization and Off-page natural's referencing

Increasing its popularity through inbound link building, social media sharing, and advertising buying can improve a website's off-page SEO. By working on "off-page" SEO optimization, we affect the reputation of the site on the Internet and the external signals that Google perceives to affect the results of its search engine.

In addition to maintaining a relevant social media presence, creating guest content on popular blogs is used as an effective strategy to increase visibility. Listing a website in major directories also sends positive signals to Google about the quality of a website.

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