Sharing the loot

The Quebecer enterprise (Montréal), worldwide praised for the quality of their motorcycles gave us the mandate to designed and create their website and also to deploy an extraordinary online boutique.

The online store that we created for Apollo Motors aloud to automatically redistribute all the orders, even from the more exclusives retailers according to each of their protected sales territory.

So, a motorcycle piece sold through Appolo's website will be distributed automatically to the retailer serving that specific territory and will be also beneficiary of it.

  • Online store
  • Secure access to retailers
  • Automatic discounts distribution
  • Inventory management system
  • Warrants management system
  • Deliveries management system
  • Orders geolocation






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Client's goal

  • To create an online store that allows worldwide customers to easily order their pieces without causing any disadvantages to all the retailers that have confidence for Appolo Motors.
  • Highlight the brand by using a pure and dynamic design that definite Appolo.
  • Improve SEO within the web search engines.
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