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Custom Website Design - AMP - MobileFirst - SEO Friendly 

As for the Website design, we are the long-term solution. Our Web dev team brings together the most advanced technical capabilities in the world and a rich know-how, with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. The quality of our coding and the artistic originality of our Websites have crossed the ocean. In Web design matters, we definitely are the sharpest pencils in the box.

Spectacular and artistic website designs

Our projects are unique and unlike any other, because we never use prefabricated templates. Our experience has allowed us to develop a design process that guarantees the total satisfaction of our customers. Through a sequence of rigorous proposals, approvals, and quality controls, we ensure that artistic creation is in tune with the goals, culture, and values that your company wants to convey.

Our team master UX and UI techniques that are used to optimize the conversions of your website. Depending on your needs, we can present a company in a way that feels international or in a more credible and professional image. If your business work in a more local perspective, the website will leave a feeling of proximity. If it's a new business, we can give a more relaxed vibe to the design.

Everything is possible with a custom website!

Ultra-fast web designing

We master the AMP technology: the ultimate in speed on the Internet. This is a method of designing web pages for static content that allows for fast, instant viewing, historically reserved for the media world. We can implement this technology in any type of website and give our customers a valuable advantage over their competitors within Google.

Indeed, the speed of a website is one of the most important variables used by Google's algorithm to determine its positioning in search engines. It has also been shown that each additional second of waiting in the loading of a website reduces its conversion rate by 7%.

Don’t wait any longer to become the fastest!

Self-manageable, flexible, robust and secure website designs

Being developers behind each line of coding of a website offers many benefits. First: Unlimited flexibility. This gives us the ability to add options or to create features without having to redo a new website each time. Our projects are scalable and can be infinitely remodeled without suffering any restrictions as it would be with a prefabricated template.

Our architecture is robust and our websites are not likely to break with every general update. Repairs and maintenance costs can be instead, invested in a profitable online advertising project, or in a long-term SEO strategy which becomes a much more interesting solution for your ROI.

An SSL security certificate is used for the digital encryption of all incoming and outgoing data. In addition, our web hosting servers respect the highest security standards in the world.

If your profession is subject to the professional secrecy (accountants, lawyers, notaries, doctors, etc.) take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of the communications with your customers!

''Mobile first'' website design

Depending on the case, we recommend the "mobile first" method for designing websites that receive more visitors using a mobile device than visitors using a computer. This method consists in offering an optimized browsing experience for each user, taking into account the context in which he/she is at the time of his/her visit.

Whoever uses a mobile device to access a restaurant's website is probably in their car, perhaps even in his/her way to the establishment and looks up the address, business hours, or phone number to make a reservation. So we make sure that they quickly find what they’re looking for and exactly where they expect to find it.

Whoever is visiting the same website on a computer, maybe discovering the menu, atmosphere or events for the restaurant. We want to impress, to influence their decision and to attract them to your restaurant, by any means!

The "mobile first" method allows us to implement the best strategy for each situation without the restrictions of a prefabricated template.


"Super Friendly" SEO Website Design

We are the only agency to guarantee by contract our technical SEO work at no additional cost. For us, it's all about properly doing our job.

The codes programming of the website is the only thing that Google's indexation robot is looking for. That robot will then determine your position within the search engines. The coding quality and programming architecture of a website must be impeccable in every aspect to ensure optimal results.

For this reason, all our Web projects comply with the W3C standards that govern over the design of every website all around the globe. Our integrators and developers all meet the highest programming standards in the world.

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