Reflecting the beauty and the authenticity behind the business

The family business La Maison Lavande (St-Eustache) choose our agency to create a new generation online store that would allow them to improve their internal process and lower the time taken to respond to the thousands online orders. This being said, we wanted to take the opportunity to make of this website, a mirror; large enough to reflect the beauty and the authenticity of this inspiring family.

Like in every one of our projects, the online store is entirely custom; we aren't using preprogrammed platforms (Wordpress, Magento, etc.) nor premade templates. What we did is to integrate POS lightspeed which is linked to Shipstation; a platform that allows you to easily manage the regular postal mail as well.

  • Integration of ShipStation module
  • Integration of Lightspeed POS
  • Online Shop
  • Transactional website








Client's goal

  • Switch as many manual tasks to an automatic system
  • Offer an online store that is clear, friendly and easy to use in a way to increase traffic
  • Optimized the SEO of the online store
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