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Website Design

Our web design agency brings together exceptional technical capabilities and rich know-how, backed by more than 20 years of experience. The artistic originality and programming quality of our websites have crossed oceans. In the web design field, it doesn't get any better.

Website Design : Chameleon Web Agency designs 100% tailor-made websites

The design of each of our websites is unique and does not replicate the popular themes purchased and used by many companies. Our web designers team is starting from scratch. She doesn't go around corners or take easy shortcuts. The objective is to offer websites that precisely correspond to the needs, brand image and digital strategy of our customers.

Website integration : Chameleon Web Design Agency offers Mobile-First design

Mobile First design is all about thinking about a website for use on mobile devices. Using this method makes sense for the restaurant, retail, or event industries, to name a few, as they attract three times more visitors on mobile than on any other. device. Our front-end developpers understands and applies industry best practices when it comes to optimizing user experience on mobile devices.

Web developement : Chameleon Web Design Agency masters AMP technology (for Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Faster loading pages provide a better user experience. The most effective way to achieve this goal today is to adopt AMP in the design of the mobile version of the website. Our development team has all the experience needed to build these instant download web pages.

Research and development : Our web agency offers the highest technical level from an SEO point of view

The work of optimizing the natural referencing factors linked to the programming of the site is fully integrated into our design process. Each of the websites designed by Cameleon meets the highest standards to ensure indexing and navigability in search engines. The Cameleon R&D team now tracks search engine announcements and updates. The goal is to ensure that at all times the most advanced technical SEO standards are met for websites in production.

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Web Marketing

In a web agency, the issue of web marketing mostly follows the design of a new website. Whether we are talking about online sales, paid search, organic search or other types of online advertising, it is always about attracting the attention of the right people to the services or products that are presented.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM (for Search Engine Marketing) covers all the techniques related to improving a company's rating with search engines, whether in terms of content quality, visitor behavior or notoriety. general website.

Conversion rate optimization

CRO (for Conversion Rate Optimization) is the branch of SEM that covers the behavior of users who are on a website and that seeks the best way to get them to act so that they enter into a transaction, complete a form or request a quote on the website.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (for Search Engine Optimization) is a branch of SEM that specializes in positioning the website on search engines. It acts at the level of the content of the website, mainly texts, as well as at the level of the general notoriety of this one, particularly by multiplying the incoming links (known as blacklinks).

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Web Applications

Because our web agency develops completely bespoke web applications rather than using a pre-built platform, we can address difficult issues with more openness and flexibility.

We have an ability to fully understand and quickly assimilate the particularities of any business area. We are magicians in the art of simplifying and popularizing the most complex projects to transform them into pleasant and easy to use Web applications.

Our web agency develops intranets and secure spaces
For business customers, a secure space often makes it easy to access billing history, order details, or manage a subscription and its payment method.

For a company's suppliers, a private zone can offer the possibility of sharing large files such as plans or high-resolution images.

For a company's employees, an intranet can provide access to confidential documentation, help with scheduling, complement human resources services, etc.

Depending on the type of business that contacts us, it is not uncommon for us to custom-create CRM systems that specifically meet the needs of their business model.

Our web agency can connect to a CRM
CRMs (for Customer Relationship Management) are systems set up to capture, process and analyze interactions with a company's customers and prospects, in order to ensure follow-up and build loyalty. We are able to work with all solutions that lend themselves to web integration like SalesForce, HubSpot, Zoho CRM, Insightly, Nimble and many more.

Our web programming team can plug into a CRM to send requests and interactions generated through the various forms of a website, among other things.

Our web agency can synchronize the inventory of a POS
POS software (for Point of Sale) acts as a cash register system in most retail businesses and allows you to manage the inventory of one or more businesses. Among the best known and most used in Quebec are Lightspeed and Acomba.

Cameleon's web development team can connect to a POS in order to, among other things, synchronize the inventory of a business with that of the e-commerce store.

Our web agency can connect accounting software and online payment gateways
The accounting software used by most businesses can be connected to a transactional website to automate invoice creation and facilitate accounting.

QuickBooks Online, Zoho Books, are some of the software Cameleon has worked with in the past.

Same thing for taking payments through an online store.

To date, the Cameleon team has worked with several online payment gateways including Stripe, Paypal, Moneris, Monetico, Square, Bambora and many more.

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